My new favorite Blue Roast story from a complete stranger

One of the greatest stories (and birthday gifts) I’ve ever chanced upon on in my life surprisingly came in the form of an e-mail at 1:30AM back in 2015.

A stranger, who chanced upon this blog and read an article I wrote titled ‘My 3 favorite Blue Roast stories,’ decided to write hers to me. In her own words: “… Read the article about your favorite Blue Roast stories. I was about to read older posts until I saw your message at the end saying you’d love to hear some Blue Roast stories. Thought my story would be a good read for you since you like reading stories and I like telling them. Hehe.”

I will say as early as now that there is no greater joy for a storyteller to have his/her story lead to another one– more so, when it’s an even better one.

Curled up in my bed at around 2AM after a birthday dinner last year, I was close to tearing up reading this. I asked this person last year (who specifically requested to remain anonymous) for permission to share this and I’m very glad she said yes.

Below is the exact e-mail she sent to me.

Thank you for your bravery, dear, and for a story that continues to fill my heart with so much even after a year. I promise it will forever remain a part of this storyteller’s heart as not just a favorite to tell, but the one of the most moving he’s ever read.


Hi Serge!

I’m XXXXXXX XXXXXXX. I just graduated from Ateneo, BS XXXXXXX, and I stumbled upon your blog 5 minutes ago cause someone shared the Good Friday Homily from your blog to Facebook. I realized I’ve been to your blog before! Read the article about your favorite Blue Roast stories. I was about to read older posts until I saw your message at the end saying you’d love to hear some Blue Roast stories. Thought my story would be a good read for you since you like reading stories and I like telling them. Hehe.

For three years I was with one guy. He was my best friend. We were so different from each other yet everything just fit perfectly. We thought we’d end up marrying each other. But on the first week of Senior year, we broke up. There were other parties involved and it was extremely painful for us both. 2014 was the hardest year of our lives cause we were going through so many things aside from the break up. 

Then Blue Roast came. Everyone was asking me if I was gonna give it to him. And I told them that I didn’t want to. He wasn’t an option. I was single at this point and I wasn’t seeing anybody but he was still with the girl. I wanted to respect their relationship, not one to meddle since a lot of that drama already happened during the early parts of the year. I saw him, though. I wanted to have a few minutes with him and so I invited him to come to the smocket with me. The one at 3.5. We had a good talk. Started catching up. Small talk. We didn’t have to say much. A lot of smiling happened. I guess after so much pain we were finally on the same page. We appreciated what we went through. We had a good run. We wished each other the best. 

After our sticks, we went back. While walking in front of Leong, the fireworks started. It was amazing. It was romantic. It was absolutely breathtaking. To have them right at that moment. I had a huge smile on my face but there was something in my gut. I knew I had to do something. I was scared at the same time I was ready to take the plunge.

I told him to run. He said no, it’s okay. But I insisted. “Run.” He paused and asked “Are you sure?” I paused, smiled, and said “At least you’ll be with her.” He stopped. He hugged me for a while. He held my hands and looked at me. He said thank you, then he ran.

I had a good cry walking from the North Parking to Bel Field. It was painful, but it felt amazing. There were no blue roses involved. Just us. I never expected my Senior year to be like this. It was hell. For both of us. A lot of it was because we never knew this could happen. All of college you thought you could plan your lives together cause you saw the future with each other and then one day, poof. But telling him to run felt great. Honestly, I’m surprised cause I actually meant every word. 

I’m so sorry if this was too long. It’s 1:30 AM and I just finished doing my post-graduation general cleaning where I threw away too many pictures and notes and what not. Haha. I think I got too caught up in the emotional process of throwing them away. Hehe. 

If you did finish reading the e-mail, thank you so much for your time! And I hope you liked the story. 🙂 Any reaction is very much appreciated. 

Have a great Easter Sunday!

To which my reply over a year ago was:


That’s a beautiful story. The ‘run’ part got me tearing up a little bit, seriously. It’s painfully sweet but that was such a good read. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me.

I’m actually still awake because I just celebrated my birthday, and this is a beautiful gift from a complete stranger. I hope you’ll allow me the honor of posting your story in your own words. I’ll understand if you’d want it anonymous or if you’d like it to remain a story I just tell out loud instead of posting it. Please just know it’s a beautiful story and I’m very touched you shared it with me.

And of course, congratulations on graduating! Go change the world. 🙂

** Should you want to share your Blue Roast story with me, too, please feel free to e-mail me. Again, I love hearing and reading stories as much as telling them. Maybe yours might inspire someone, too. 🙂

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